Southampton Clinical Trials Unit

Southampton Clinical Trials Unit delivers world-leading clinical trials of innovative new treatments and diagnostic tools.

Southampton CTU works at the forefront of innovative clinical research, taking discoveries from the laboratory into the clinic to provide the treatments and medical interventions of the future. 

10 Degrees and Southampton CTU have worked together on online clinical trial recruitment platforms since 2020. Our first project together was for Covid Trial at Home which helped support the research into COVID-19 at a challenging time. Since that first trial, we have gone on to support three other clinical trials via online patient recruitment and electronic consent.

“The 10 Degrees team have done a fantastic job in designing and implementing the trial website to our tight study opening deadline.”

Jane Robertson

Head of Operations

Southampton Clinical Trial Unit

10 Degrees’ clinical trial recruitment and consent platform helps maximise patient engagement and trial participation.

Our platform has been used for recruitment and to manage electronic consent for the ‘Covid Trial at Home’ trial, CaDeT trial, Excalibur trial and the upcoming SAFE-D trial in 2024.

For trials where online recruitment is important, the platform can be quickly deployed within weeks and is easily adapted to cater for new requirements.


“The level of functionality available has exceeded our expectations and allows us to maintain and manage patient recruitment with ease.”

Jane Robertson, Head of Operations, Southampton Clinical Trial Unit


Clinical trials


Patients recruited


Weeks to deploy

Highlight: Online patient recruitment

Our platform facilitates recruiting patients for clinical trials online. GPs and nurses direct patients towards the trial website in order to gain further information about the trial, patient information sheets and to sign up. Through accessible and inclusive design which follows GDS guidelines, we’ve produced a screening and sign-up process that maximises patient conversion.

Highlight: Activity and audit log

To help meet MHRA and ethics approval, an activity and audit log can be enabled to log every action that users take within the system. This feature provides security in terms of patient data as well as tracing back changes of data and settings to individual users.

Highlight: Electronic consent

The system’s online informed consent process provides an electronic consent measure that has a full audit log of events associated with patient and research nurse actions. Patients are asked to provide consent via a magic link email to provide enhanced security and ease of providing their consent to participate in trials. Patients can re-consent should the trial parameters change.

Highlight: Trial management tools

Administrators of the trial can manage their patient recruitment, GP sites, research nurses and other users that need to have access to the database of the website. Each user role within the system is customised to meet the needs of those users, and of the website’s security measures. Privacy is a core principle of the website. Once a trial concludes, data is exported and provided to CTU for general offline archiving. Content management tools are provided to edit static content.


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