Who we are

We are a team of skillful professionals, who take pride in developing solutions to problems that address business needs, and who care about the world we live in.

Our company values represent the heart of our business and define our culture. They help STEER us to make the best decisions for our clients, for our team and our community.


Providing a quality service is paramount to us. We use the best skills from across our team to meet your needs. We adhere to best-practice standards across our whole team, ensuring all our work is well documented, well organised and methodically produced by a team who take pride in the quality of their work.


Honest and open communication is what you can expect from us. We’re a business with a commercial conscience, we price fairly and honestly (no cowboy overinflating of prices or bartering here). We’re focussed on building long term relationships for mutual benefit.


Understanding you and your objectives is critical to the success of our relationship. Building tools for maximum inclusivity and adhering to recognised accessibility standards is at the heart of everything we do.


We take a strong stance on the sectors we’re willing to work with and we won’t take on work that we can’t fulfil or don’t have the skills to deliver. We are mindful of the environmental impact we’re having on the world, both as a business and for the carbon impact of the products we develop.


Very simply, we do what we say we will, when we say we will. We deliver on time and to budget. We have a collaborative approach to everything we do and do not consider ourselves simply as ‘suppliers’.

Our production principles

Aligned to our core values, our five production principles underpin the way we approach all our work and guide all of our technical decisions.

Our team

10 Degrees is made up of talented and enthusiastic problem solvers that support the spirit of open source. We’re a small and amazingly agile team that build strong client relationships that last many years. We enjoy working collaboratively and providing quality client-focussed service, using the best skills from across the team to meet business needs.

Looking for a new challenge?

We are always on the lookout for like minded individuals to join our growing team. If you’ve got the talent to help our mission and you share our values, please get in touch.

We have an open application policy regardless of whether we have any vacancies. Get in touch and tell us why you would like to work at 10 Degrees.

Awards we’ve earned along the way