10 Degrees Retreat 2023

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The 10 Degrees team standing outside the house we stayed in, on the first day of the retreat.

Last week saw the return of our annual company retreat, this year in Bournemouth. Each year we escape the office and take time out to bond as a team, review our goals and have deeper conversations about our products and services. It serves as a catalyst for idea generation and provides the team with a place to connect with each other with shared experiences.

The 10 Degrees team standing outside the house we stayed at on the first day at the retreat.

Being by the beach with such glorious weather meant we could nip down for a morning swim or walk as the sun came up.

Sunrise over the sea at Bournemouth beach

This year we held a review session on H1 company performance and workshops on goal setting, marketing and technology. In each of the workshops we used a variety of techniques to write down our ideas, resulting in over 200 ideas being recorded on post-its which are now being transferred into a Miro board to plan our next steps.

Post it notes pinned to a wall as part of our 10 Degrees workshop

(Pip Decks massively helped structure the workshop sessions and provide inspiration with team engagement).

It’s a time for reflection and planning. But we also have fun together in the house that we hire for four days.

John and Ben enjoy a game of pool during our downtime

The team-building elements took on a Taskmaster theme, which saw the team taking part in a variety of tasks to earn points throughout the weekend. The grand prize was a pineapple. Congratulations to Ben who won the inaugural event!

The 10 Degrees team, blowing up the biggest balloon without popping.

On Saturday afternoon we squeezed in an escape room, which the team managed to complete with 4.5 minutes to spare!

The 10 Degrees team at Marvo Mysteries escape room

We also spent a lot amount of time playing with John’s Mokuro fidget flipper 😂

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