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Written by Lynda in Culture

Yesterday we had our second team social of the year. No 10 Degrees team event would be complete without a trip to the pub and that’s where ours started yesterday with a lovely team lunch. It’s moments like this that we’ve missed the most over the last year.

Since our office closed last year, our business has rebranded and whilst that rebrand was complete on a digital level, we also needed to rebrand the office ready for everyone’s gradual return from next week.

As well as an aesthetic rebrand, we have also taken this as an opportunity to make some changes around how we use the office space; to facilitate more collaborative working, support our new hybrid-working approach and enhance team bonding. We’ve created a new Zoom Room for video conferencing, more breakout areas for creative conversation and added small touches around the office as a reminder of our achievements to enhance a sense of team pride in our work.

I was nervously excited to see the team’s reactions as they set foot in the office for the first time in 16 months.

We also felt it was important that the team had time to come back in and familiarise themselves with the office environment before it was time to return proper. We didn’t want anyone feeling anxious about what life in the office would be like when they come back, so having an opportunity to look around in a relaxed casual way helped alleviate any concerns.

What agency rebrand would be complete without new branded hoodies! Each desk was furnished with a new hoodie for each team member (made from 15% recycled polyester and 85% organic cotton) – which led to the obligatory squad photo.

I think I can say that all the changes went down well with the team and I hope there is now a sense of excitement about what being back in the office together will be like.

However cautiously we approach this next phase…

(Hoodies and branded succulent pots from Swag Pack. Wall graphics, signage and glass frosting by Sign Write Studios)

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