We’re 12 today!

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The 10 Degrees team at 12 years old. Can work out which team members these are?

It was 12 years ago today that Jonny registered 10 Degrees Ltd at Companies House and started out life as a freelancer. Twelve years on, we are currently a team of 10, have employed 17 people and serviced more than 120 clients.

If this were a ‘normal’ year we would probably be celebrating with cake in the office and lunch at our local pub. Instead, it’s the second birthday we’ve celebrated remotely.

This year we’ve celebrated by sending every team member a customised birthday party pack from Colleague Box and enjoyed party games via Zoom and Jackbox Games. It’s been a great way to celebrate and bring the team together remotely, but we’re very much looking forward to being able to share celebrations like these in person very soon.

As well as being 10 Degrees’ birthday, it’s obviously also Jonny’s ‘workiversary’ (as we like to call it). In recognition of team member’s anniversaries with the business we make a donation to a charity of their choice (amount subject to length of service), as well as a gift for them too of course. Jonny has chosen to use his donation to kick off his fundraising efforts for local children’s charity First Days – who he will be running the London Marathon for in October this year!

The evolution of the business has been a bit like the growth of the child. There’s the infant years: learning to walk and talk, mastering the basics. The primary years: the emergency of personality, making connections and bonds, determining your strengths. The secondary years: being more confident about who you are, the subjects you’re strong in, being comfortable with standing out from the crowd and not trying to fit in.

We’re now starting our thirteenth year and are on the cusp of becoming a teenager. The next phase in our evolution is almost here and we’re ready for it!

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