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We’ve had to adjust to being a remote business as a company, but adjusting as an individual to being a home-worker is a big adjustment for everyone. Which potentially has a lot of impact on our mental health.

A part of supporting our team’s wellbeing during this time Inga, our Talent & Culture Manager, put together an internal post with a list of resources for the team to use during this time.

We figured it would be equally valuable for many of you. So we are sharing it here. If you have any other suggestions of resources to add, let us know.

The current situation means we all need to find different ways of looking after ourselves physically, socially and emotionally. Each team member will have different needs over the coming weeks, so we have put together a variety of sources of support, advice and activities that you might want to access.

Whatever activities you choose, it is important to work out a routine for your day (including your usual getting up, getting dressed and being ready to work), making sure you are taking time to eat healthily, do some exercise and have regular screen breaks. Include an activity in your day that offers you self-care – take a walk, have a bath, learn something new. Stick to it as much as you can, but cut yourself slack if it goes by the wayside sometimes.

Physical activities

Yoga with Adrienne (FREE – various yoga instruction for individuals, families, all ages and abilities)

Fitness Blender (FREE – various workouts, searchable by time, difficulty)

Walk at Home (FREE)

The Body Coach (COST applies – eating plans, exercise plans and online support)

The Body Coach – YouTube (FREE exercise plans)

Les Mills Workouts (COST – workouts. FREE – workouts trial and activities for kids)

Virtual Choir (FREE – you need to apply for one of the 500 free slots. Site tells you when next choir will take place – registration opens 24 hours before)

Creative Bug (Craft courses – free trial available – adults and children)

If these don’t float your boat, there are a raft of other activities available on YouTube and other platforms – search for your preferred activity! Why not try out a new hobby/activity – follow a tutorial online.

Meditation and Relaxation

Meditation and Relaxation – The Honest Guys

Headspace (FREE options as well as paid access options)

Calm (FREE trials as well as paid access options)

Buddhify (£4.99 for the app = access to unlimited resources)

Sources of positivity

Positive News

Action for Happiness

Learning Support

Particularly for those with children at home from school/nursery – everyone might like the virtual museum tours?

Free resources (alphabetically)

All In One Homeschool (Free resources across entire school curriculum)

Brain Pop (Resources across the curriculum – free during school closures)

Go Noodle (FREE fun movement breaks)

Khan Academy (Maths courses – free)

Scholastic Learn from Home

Sumdog (Maths, spelling and grammar – free during school closures)

Twinkl (Cross-curricular activities and information – if your school have issued a parent code, access is free)

Tynker (Coding courses – free access during school closures)

Virtual Museum Tours (Free tours of museums around the world)

There are also a wealth of YouTube channels, including the following, that you can research: Crash Course Kids, Science Channel, SciShow Kids, National Geographic Kids, Free School, Geography Focus, Kids Learning Tube, Geeek Gurl Diaries, Mike Likes Science, Science Max, SoulPancake.

Resources at cost (alphabetically)

Beast Academy (Maths activities and tutorials – cost applies)

Creative Bug (Craft courses – free trial available – children and adults)

Curiosity Stream (Documentaries – cost applies)

Outschool (Live online classes across the curriculum – cost applies)

In case I missed anything, this website lists all the sites offering free access during school closures – it’s American, but the resources are all still appropriate.

There are a wealth of other learning resources out there – each school will share their own links, so remember to use your school’s website for more resources.

Financial Wellbeing

If you have concerns about personal finances you might find the following information helpful:

Mortgage and rent holiday

Mortgage borrowers can apply for a three- month payment holiday from their lender. Both residential and buy-to-let mortgages are eligible for the holiday. It is important to remember that borrowers still owe the amounts that they don’t pay as a result of the payment holiday. Interest will continue to be charged on the amount they owe.

Tenants can apply for a three-month payment holiday from their landlord. No one can be evicted from their home or have their home repossessed over the next three months.

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