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These terms of service for WordCare, together with our Hosting Terms of Service (“TOS“) located at ( and Acceptable Use Policy (“AUP”) located at ( each of which is incorporated by reference, set forth the terms and conditions pursuant to which 10 Degrees Ltd will provide support & maintenance services to you (“Maintenance Agreement”) as detailed on your order invoice (“Order”). We may update this Maintenance Agreement from time-to-time. In the event of a material change to this Maintenance Agreement, we will provide you with written notice. Your continued use of our services following such updates constitutes your acceptance of the same. If you do not agree to the terms of any modification, you may terminate this Agreement in accordance with the Termination section detailed in our Hosting Terms of Service.

Authorised Users

You may designate up to four users (“Authorised Users”) that have authority to request work on your behalf for your website. In addition, any other individual who is able to provide us with evidence satisfactory to us that such individual has the authority to act on your behalf will also be able to request work.

Each person or entity that requests work is required to abide by the terms of this Agreement. You acknowledge that you are fully responsible for all liabilities incurred through requesting work including all damages, losses and liabilities caused by each user. You shall promptly notify us in the event that you become aware of any violation of this Maintenance Agreement.

Intended Use

Our WordCare package gives you guaranteed availability of our support team (“Support“) for your website every month, as detailed on your Order. The number of change requests (“Tasks“) will be ‘used’ by any request you or an Authorised User makes (“Usage“).

A Task is a request from you to complete a piece of work on your website. Tasks that are above your monthly allocation are not included within WordCare and can be quoted for separately. As a guide, simple style changes (e.g. CSS), adding content for you, template layout changes or installing a plugin would be an included Task.

Your agreed monthly tasks can be used in the following way (“Work“) and will be recorded as part of your Usage:

  • Development – requests for code changes for your website (e.g. template, styling, page or functional development)
  • Plugins – installation and configuration of third-party plugins
  • Bugs – fixing any bugs related to 10° development after the 30 day guarantee.
  • Design – requests for design of new sections within existing pages.

Larger work such as adding booking functionality, making lots of content changes, redesigning parts of the site or tasks requiring lots of consultation will be separately quotable.

You also have access to unlimited advice via email, telephone and live chat during our working hours. Unlimited advice is subject to fair usage.

Working Hours

Monday to Friday, 09:00-17:30 excluding public holidays.

Usage Recording

All Tasks that 10° spends time on will be logged via our internal systems for reporting purposes. You can request the balance of your Usage at any time from 10°.

Tasks may not be carried over to subsequent months.

Response & Resolution Times

Response and resolution times for Work requests will be governed by the severity in the following way:

  • Critical – Website is offline or inability for all users to login to WordPress.
  • Major – Functionality of the website is reduced to a level adversely affecting the Customer’s reputation or ability to do transact business (e.g. primary content unavailable or ecommerce malfunctioning).
  • Minor – Small part(s) of the website is/are not functioning as expected but not adversely affecting the Customer’s business (e.g. share buttons don’t work, analytics not being tracked, SEO issue or a user can’t login).
  • Trivial – Cosmetic issues relating to design (e.g. page layout is not as expected or missing images).

Response & resolution will be subject to the following times:

  • Critical – response within 1 working hour – resolution within 4 working hours.
  • Major – response within 3 working hours – resolution within 8 working hours.
  • Minor – response within 3 hours – resolution within 2 working days.
  • Trivial – response within 3 hours – resolution within 5 working days.

Failure of 10° to meet the response or resolution times will permit the Customer to make a request for SLA Credits, as determined by the same rules in our Hosting Terms & Conditions.

WordPress Maintenance

In addition to requested Support, we will perform monthly security maintenance on your live website. This maintenance includes the following services which are not counted towards your Usage unless we are required to fix any problems resulting in these updates:

  • Plugin and theme updates – we will apply minor plugin and theme updates as they are released by their authors. Minor updates are normally security or bug fix releases and are not expected to break your website. Major plugin or theme updates will be reviewed and applied manually in a staging environment (see below).
  • WordPress core updates – we will automatically apply minor WordPress releases as they are released. Major WordPress releases will be reviewed and applied manually in a staging environment (see below).

From about versioning systems:

major WordPress version is dictated by the first two sequences in the version number. For example, 3.5 is a major release. So is 3.63.7 etc. Version 4.0 is no different than 3.9 and 4.1.

Major releases add new user features and developer APIs. Though typically a “major” version means you can break backwards compatibility (and indeed, it normally means that you have), WordPress strives to never break backwards compatibility.

minor WordPress version is dictated by the third sequence. Version 3.9.1 is a minor release. So is 3.8.2. A minor release is reserved for fixing security vulnerabilities and addressing critical bugs only.

Staging Maintenance

For major plugin, theme and WordPress core updates we will use a staging environment to test the application of these updates. The staging environment is a exact copy of your live website and its purpose is to allow 10° to work on your website without affecting your live site. During this period we may request that all users of your live website are locked out (“Lock Out Period”). The Lock Out Period is there to ensure that data synchronisation issues do not occur between the staging environment and live environment. The Lock Out Period will normally last no more than 2-4 hours.

Once 10° has completed its testing we will either, i) copy the staging environment back to the live environment in its entirety, or ii) apply the updates that we tested to your live site.

Hours of Support Operation

Requests for Support can be made during the following UK business hours: 9am-5.30pm Monday-Friday excluding English bank holidays.

Our of hours support is available to Customers who have requested this as part of their Order. Details of obtaining out of hours support are provided separately.

Out of Contract Requests

If an Authorised User makes a request and your monthly or accrued hours have been used then the Work will be subject to our standard hourly rate of £75+VAT and deemed out of contract. This Work will be subject to our general availability schedule and will fall outside of these terms.

If there are regular incidents of out-of-contract requests then we will negotiate increasing your contracted hours.