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Totaljobs (part of StepStone UK, itself part of StepStone GmbH) required technical on-site consultancy to help develop their editorial platform which powers all of Totaljobs Group’s WordPress sites; seeking to improve the experience for their content editors, and therefore efficiency, in the form of administrative customisation and workflows.

Editorial customisation

We developed a WordPress product for editorial content, for both candidate and recruiter audiences, which required providing innovative solutions to deliver tightly-specified content manager and user experiences, with close attention to detail. This long-term project is intended to run 22 websites across all 11 brands.

Custom workflows

Integrating StepStone’s Company Reviews functionality and API with WordPress enabled content managers to create marketing campaigns with multi-step user journeys, directing users to different outcomes depending on a user’s responses. Content editors could choose different review widgets depending on context, which allowed this project to be re-used across multiple campaigns.

Long-term partnership

Since our initial consultancy, back at the beginning of 2017, we have worked on a variety of projects spanning across the full 11 brands. From creating a custom WordPress theme using internal APIs to deliver a brand-specific experience to developing a WordPress product for editorial content. We are integrated with multiple teams across StepStone UK and StepStone GmbH.


Our strong relationship with Totaljobs allows us to continue to suggest, improve and enhance their custom editorial and workflow requirements.

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Streamlined Workflow​
We required WordPress best practice for database structure, workflow management and multilingual, which Jonny at 10 Degrees provided through a number of days of on-site consultancy. 10 Degrees' expert advice was invaluable in helping us make strategic decisions on the configuration of our enterprise CMS.
Written by Brett Ackroyd - Product Owner
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