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UI/UX accessible design

We follow the highest open source development standards in an agile methodology to produce professionally developed WordPress sites and bespoke web apps on time and within budget. We code bespoke apps, WordPress themes and plugins accurately to our or your own artwork.


A new website often accompanies a brand update, and that’s something we do for a lot of clients. It might be an incremental improvement, a complete rebrand or a new brand entirely, in which case we may run a separate branding workshop.

If your brand is solid, then we’ll ask for your brand guidelines and assets so that we can apply these to the web page designs. 

User experience design (UX)

UX design takes the approach of what would look and work best from a user’s perspective. It means we make better decisions whilst still retaining creativity. 

For example, if we’re designing a form, we’ll think about how that form can most easily be filled out – rather than just applying style to make it look pretty. 

We can run workshops and focus groups if you’d like to test our work before it goes into development. 


We believe that all websites must be accessible to the widest possible audience. We design and build all websites using WCAG 2.1 AA guidelines – which is especially important if this project is using public funds. This ensures things like contrast ratios are correct, text is big enough and we’re not causing any visual problems.

Creative page design

Each part of the website will be designed and a colour mockup produced which shows how the page will look on mobile devices, tablets and desktop browsers. We design mobile-first which means we’ll start with the smallest screen sizes and work our way up to desktop sizes. 

We’ll use the wireframes that were signed off in the discovery phase and will apply your brand along with our creativity to produce full page designs.

We design in a modular fashion using ‘blocks’ of content so that these blocks can be reused elsewhere on the site, cutting down additional design and development time.


At the end of a design phase, these are what we’ll deliver to you:

    Full colour designs that match the wireframes we produced in a discovery phase, and overlaid with your branding.

    A prototype of the website that uses the mockups and a tool called InVision. InVision allows us to show you how the website will work before we get into the development of it. You will be able to click around the prototype to get a feel for the navigation.

One of the major advantages of working with 10 Degrees was that their in-house branding and design team work directly with the technical team meaning that changes during the build process could be made quickly and easily.


David King

Managing Director, Lbox Communications

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