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WordPress performance optimisation

The web was designed to offer free and fast access to information for everyone. As technology progresses, the size of websites has increased, with an average page weight of 2mb as of 2020.

Performance (e.g. how quick a website loads in a browser) has always been a key metric of search engines. Google puts particular emphasis on it.

We’ve worked on a lot of WordPress sites over the years, and understand how to optimise them for speed.

Frontend optimisation

We take a comprehensive approach to front-end optimisation by looking at every asset your website is using to load a page. From Time to First Byte (TTFB) through to first meaningful paint (FMP), we analyse the waterfall of files that are being loaded to optimise the user experience.

Image optimisation, image formats, static asset compression, critical path analysis, deferral of assets and third party scripts are all part of our analysis.

Backend optimisation

In the right environment, WordPress flies. In the wrong environment, it can be slow to load pages.

We look at the varying factors that can make the server side of WordPress slow to load. From infrastructure and hosting, to object caching, database optimisation and slow queries, right through to inefficient plugins and bloated code.

Static site generation

If you’re looking for the ultimate in page performance, then drop WordPress serving your frontend entirely with static site generation.

Our development team have set up and configured WordPress sites to publish to static sites which removes all database queries and PHP from the mix.

The result is a website that can be delivered through an edge network (e.g. via Cloudflare workers) which is blisteringly fast.

Where user submission of data is required (e.g. forms or ecommerce), we rework your site to handle that with no decrease in user experience.

For us, 10 Degrees have the technical expertise beyond standard WordPress and the ability to have a flexible resource who understands our business needs and can act as a long term trusted partner.

Andy Nowell

CEO, PitPat

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