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Laravel development

We provide Laravel web app development for brands and large organisations that need custom development.

Laravel is a software development framework that we use to build bespoke web applications – we choose Laravel when the project is driven by functional or complex requirements.

Why Laravel?

Laravel uses the same underlying programming language as WordPress, but it’s a blank page comparatively.

As a framework (rather than a content management system) it provides us with the power and agility to develop custom web apps and bespoke functionality to meet complex needs.

Laravel gives us more freedom and flexibility than WordPress so we tend to recommend this solution when we meet the ceiling of what we think WordPress can achieve for you.

What can Laravel do?

Using Laravel we can design and build almost any online web application or website.

As an example, we recently designed, built and launched a website to help combat the global coronavirus pandemic for Synairgen Plc. The website supports a home-based clinical trial that is testing a drug to fight the effects of coronavirus. It allows patients to be screened for their symptoms, register their participation in the trial and provide medical e-consent to the treatment.

We chose Laravel because it offered us the quickest and easiest way to provide the registration and e-consent process – and we delivered the whole system within 10 working days.

Coded to standards

The technical standard of our work will be important to you, and it’s certainly important to us.

Coding to known technical standards allows our work to be portable between our developers but also to external parties. We regularly share our code and work together with developers from other organisations so it’s standard practice for us to ensure our code is well documented, well organised and methodically written.

We write PSR standard PHP code. We use SASS to structure our CSS and we write object oriented code Javascript to ES7+. We commit all our code to Bitbucket code repositories and we use build tools like SASS, Gulp, Composer, linting and unit tests.

API integrations

As a framework built using PHP, Laravel can integrate with any web API so it’s a good middleware candidate for getting two systems talking that can’t otherwise do that natively.

Our Laravel projects often involve developing our own APIs to allow content in and out of the system. Integration is often rapid because of the ease at which Laravel provides developers with tools to do so.


At the end of development projects, we’ll deliver the following:

    All documents, designs and code are checked by at least two other members of the team before we deliver the work to you.

    We use LambdaTest to check our websites in a standardised set of different web browsers and mobile device configurations.

    Our developers have undertaken accessibility training which means they code to WCAG 2.1 AA standards where it’s possible. Content of websites must also be accessible under the AA guidelines, and this is something we’ll advise you on.

    Using Laravel we’ll have produced the fully working website that meets your expected functionality and the designs we produced. Every image and string of text will be editable within the content management system.

    The front end of the website will respond to the device it’s being viewed on. Using mobile-first design and development techniques means we’ll be producing the best possible experience for all users.

    Managing content will be intuitive as we customise the backend dashboard for you. With a Laravel build we design and build a bespoke dashboard and admin control panel for you to manage the content and settings of your site.

The 10 Degrees team have done a fantastic job in designing and implementing the COVID Trial at Home website to our tight study opening deadline. The level of functionality available has exceeded our expectations and allows us to maintain and manage patient recruitment with ease. The team have also been open to any necessary website modifications as development of the trial has progressed, offering effective solutions and helping us to ensure that all trial requirements are met.

Jane Robertson

Head of Operations, Southampton Clinical Trial Unit

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