Objective: Increase enrolment and engagement of foreign students, undergraduates and postgraduates.

University of Southampton

The brief was to create three responsive WordPress sites to guide foreign students, undergraduates and postgraduates through the University’s enrolment process.

Analysing previous web traffic and heatmaps we partnered with onimpact to meet the project’s creative brief whilst developing a functional cookie-driven website to record a user’s progress.

With students being the target audience it was vital the site was designed to engage as well as present information in a usable format that’s viewable on desktop, tablet and most importantly, mobile.

Working with Southampton's existing WordPress multisite was a challenge, but one that we quickly overcame.

Removing User Hurdles

The heatmap of the existing website provided us with the necessary information to draw up designs that met what users wanted to do more quickly.

The heatmap shows what users were clicking on and gave us insight into what was irrelevant. By removing the existing sidebar and focusing on the steps a student needed to complete, the new design centred entirely on the most important aspect, enrolment and engagement.

Designed, built and delivered within 4 weeks.

Partnering with onimpact for the design phase allowed us to rapidly progress development once the designs were signed off. The first of the three sites was designed, built and delivered to our client within 4 weeks.

Working with the University’s hosting team we transferred our staging site into their WordPress multisite environment and facilitated an auto-update process for revisions to the website. This reduces time spent on maintenance and allows us to be more reactive.

We have since been awarded with two further projects for the University, solidifying our reputation as specialist WordPress developers that deliver on time and on budget.