Objective: Build a fully responsive ecommerce site to sell artwork.

Nina Fowler Print

Nina Fowler is a successful London artist that needed a website to sell her fine art prints.

Partnering with freelancer Mark Lloyd-Ruck we produced a fully responsive WooCommerce website that took advantage of Mark’s UX expertise in designing the ideal user journeys. The site was carefully crafted to allow the easiest possible transaction for the user.

There were a number of technical challenges with this project that meant we had to fully understand the inner workings of WooCommerce to produced the desired functionality of the website. Mark’s vision really helped create a polished product that runs on the back of an already great WooCommerce system.

Bespoke checkout process; customised delivery rates; mobile optimised functionality; and customer order tracking.

Fluidly Responsive

The solution we produced for Nina was a fluidly responsive ecommerce site that benefited from multiple device optimisations. The site resizes in your browser or mobile device to any size screen resolution which increases usability and future-proofs the site for any new device that comes on the market.

Meticulous testing of the website in different browsers and devices meant our QA process signed off the site as being one of the most compatible sites we’ve ever produced. The customisations behind the workings of WooCommerce, coupled with the functionality on the front-end of the site really demonstrates to what level a supposedly ‘off-the-shelf’ package like WooCommerce can be customised.

All the while benefiting from the advantages of using WordPress as the content management system.