Objective: Design and build a compelling website to showcase Schoolhaus.

Net Zero Buildings

Net Zero Buildings, a new company formed as a spin-off to promote UK Energy Partner’s new energy efficient school building, Schoolhaus.

We were contracted to design and build a website to showcase Schoolhaus’s many features, with a target audience of school teachers, governors and headmasters.

Our approach was to build a responsive website that made full-use of their existing photography whilst bringing in some iconography to illustrate the many features of Schoolhaus.

"We were delighted with 10°; in terms of their clear understanding of the brief, the management of the process and delivery of results."

Templates Built for Future Proofing

As the Net Zero Buildings business grows, our client will be able to expand the website through the use of flexible custom templates. Using our experience of WordPress we’ve created a flexible approach to template building that means pages can be easily created by Net Zero, as and when they need to.

WordPress enables us to create flexible layouts which give our client endless page layout possibilities, without need to learn an ounce of HTML.

Designed, built and delivered within 5 weeks.

Through rapid prototyping we produced the initial homepage concept, worked through several rounds of feedback and built the WordPress site within 5 weeks. The efficient team at Net Zero Buildings ensured they provided feedback in a timely manner than meant we could quickly turnaround design revisions.

As with all our projects, Net Zero provided the content ahead of the design phase to allow us to design around the content (instead of using placeholder text and images). This approach means we’re producing page templates that will fit the content rather than shoe-horning content into a template based on Lorem Ipsum text.