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Christmas has arrived at 10 Degrees

Lynda Harvey

• 3 min read

As a business, we’re very conscious about sustainability and try to make as many sustainable and ethical decisions as we can.

Christmas can be a time when this can be a bit of challenge, lots of waste, lots of excess and unnecessary surplus items. But we also want to balance that with making sure we are having fun at Christmas and the team are getting into the Christmas spirit!

This year we were thrilled to find Festive Tree Hire to fulfil our Christmas tree needs for the office. We were greeted by the lovely Kim who told us all about their venture.

  • These are potted live trees and as the name suggests, we hire them for the duration of the festive period.
  • This means we get to have the exact same tree back again next year too. Each year the tree will grow, as our business grows.
  • They are British grown trees (so no airmiles from imported trees).
  • Once returned the trees will then spend out the year enjoying the fresh air in a secure field in Arborfield (just 3 miles from our office).
  • The trees will be lovingly looked after all year by Kim & Martin and their team at Arborfield Tree Care, including rotating the trees throughout the year for optimal sun exposure for a perfect shaped tree and kept topped up with an irrigation system.
  • And Festive Tree Hire donate £1 for every tree hired to Breast Cancer Support: win-win-win!

Now that the tree was installed in the office, we were down to the important business of naming the newest addition to our team. Opened up to a team vote we had (an unbelievable) 50 suggestions of names (most of which were pretty dreadful).

After two tense rounds of voting, I present to you….

:christmas_tree:TREEONCÉ :christmas_tree:

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