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Join our team (and how to)

Written by Lynda in Culture

We are, and have been, recruiting for a number of roles at 10 Degrees recently. In this post our Talent and Culture Manager, Inga, has written some advice on how to make a successful application for a role. It may be a candidate market at the moment, but you still need to make yourself stand out.

Genuinely, we want you to join our team.  So much so, that we want to give you the very best shot at doing so, with these tips on how to make your application stand out.

Our role adverts aim to be as clear as possible about what we are looking for, with the aim of making it simpler for you to spot where you have skills and talents to match.  So,

1. Tailor your application

That applies to your CV and your cover note.  Highlight the skills you have that match what we are looking for – whether that is experience of a particular software or tool that we have specified, where your passions and values align with ours, or experience of a similar organisation or client base.  When you can highlight the skills and experience we are looking for, it makes it so much easier to take you forward to interview.

Your CV and cover letter should still be unique to you, but including those specific skills we are looking for really helps your application stand out.

While we’re at it – CV length…. We do really want to know all you have to offer, so while 1 page might do the job, 2 pages gives you more opportunity to give us the best overview of your skills and capabilities.  If it is much longer than that, it probably means you have not managed to highlight your relevant skills and there is a lot more for us to read through to try and find them.  The longest CV I have ever received? 18 pages (I kid you not) and I did not manage to find the relevant skills for the role.

2. Find out about us

As much as we want to know all about you, we know that employment is a 2-way relationship, so find out about who we are, what we do and what we stand for – it is all on our website.  If there is anything else you would like to know, we would love you to ask us at interview, so take time to work out what it is we haven’t told you.

3. Follow our application process

We don’t assume that you will have first seen our roles advertised directly on our website, but we do ask that all applications are submitted via our website, even when you have seen the advert elsewhere.  Those applications are delivered directly to our inbox and put you centre stage.  Our process means we get all the information we need from you in one go.

It also means you have visited our website, know who we are and have actively chosen to want to work with us – great news!  We absolutely do consider applications that come through on whatever platform we have advertised on.  Not going to lie though – it hurts if we invite you for an interview and you have to ask who we are and what the role profile is.  Our team is built on great working relationships with mutual respect, so we like to know that the interest is mutual.

That’s it.  As simple as 1, 2, 3.  We also don’t think we’re unique in that respect, so whether you think we are your perfect match or you are applying elsewhere, these tips will help your application to stand out.

One final thing, understand our values.  We are empathetic and transparent, among other things.  When we say we want you to join our team, we mean it.  When we invite you to chat with us about our roles, getting a response of “Sure” doesn’t tell us you really want to join our team.  Show us you really mean it too.

We can’t wait to receive your application.

For details of our latest role vacancies, go to our careers page.

The Author

Lynda Harvey

Managing Director. Driving our business strategy, new business and operational efficiency.

The 10 Degrees Team