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‘COVID Trial at Home’ website launch

Written by Jonny in Clients

Covid trial at home

Today we launched COVID Trial at Home – a website that supports a new clinical trial in the global fight against COVID-19.

The clinical trial is a randomised double-blind placebo-controlled trial to determine whether the drug, SNG001, can prevent or reduce the worsening of infection of the lungs in patients with the SARS-CoV-2 virus.

In partnership with Southampton Clinical Trials Unit and Synairgen Research, we designed and developed a patient recruitment website that screens patients, registers their details and then allows them to undertake a ground-breaking medical e-consent process. Based on age and any other medical illnesses, the website will be marketed to patients that are experiencing COVID-19 symptoms at home.

Due to the current rapid development of COVID clinical trials, the website was required within two weeks of our first meeting with Southampton Clinical Trials Unit. Using agile development techniques and utilising Laravel, we gathered the requirements in week one, and designed and developed the application in week two.

Laravel was the perfect framework for prototyping and building a system that needed to meet regulatory requirements.

It’s been a pleasure as a team to put our development skills towards such a worthy cause and to work with the remote teams at Southampton Clinical Trials Unit and Synairgen.

“Jonny and the 10 Degrees team have done a fantastic job in designing and implementing the SG016 Home trial website to our tight study opening deadline. The level of functionality available has exceeded our expectations and allows us to maintain and manage patient recruitment with ease. The team have also been open to any necessary website modifications as development of the trial has progressed, offering effective solutions and helping us to ensure that all trial requirements are met. ”

Jane Robertson – Head of Operations, Southampton Clinical Trial Unit

Southampton Clinical Trials Unit

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