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What is it like to work at 10 Degrees?

Written by Lynda in Culture

As you may have seen, we are currently recruiting for several roles to join our growing team. We took on our first recruit (Matt) four years ago and are now a team of eight – we expect to be a team of twelve within the next year.

So, what is it really like to work at 10 Degrees? We asked some of our team what they think…

Charlotte Street, Project Manager, joined December 2016
Matt Radford, Senior Developer, joined July 2014
Jonny Vaughan, Managing Director, March 2009
Karl Maw, Junior Developer, joined July 2018

What was your first day at 10 Degrees like?

Matt: “Refreshing.”

Karl: “I was setting up loads of accounts and getting used to a mac. I felt pretty useless to begin with.”

Charlotte: “Worrying, I’d come from quite a vibrant team and adjusting to the new work culture and team members was a concern. I think everyone was on their best behaviour on my first day, but I soon got into the swing of things and the team were great!”

Jonny: “I sat around in my pants for the whole day wondering what to do with all of my free time.”

How has your role evolved since then?

Matt: “I’ve gone from just turning out designs to implementing complex technical integrations”

Karl: “I got better at using a mac. Now I am of some use!”

Charlotte: “Joining as a second Client Account Manager my role evolved into more project based rather than account based, making use of my skills more and filling a gap within the business.”

Jonny: “I no longer sit around in my pants and I have a lot less free time.”

What does a typical day involve for you?

Matt: “Development, internal project management and discussions with clients”

Karl: “Stand up. Web development. Lunch. Table tennis. Web development. Coffee coffee coffee.”

Charlotte: “All the things. Mainly keeping the ball rolling for both the client and the team. Organising and communicating. Planning and scheduling. Researching and documenting.”

Jonny: “It involves many things from managing people, managing clients, writing a bit of code occasionally and generally trying to keep our shit together.”

What is different about 10 Degrees from other companies you’ve worked at?

Matt: “It’s smaller and therefore quicker to implement change”

Karl: “10 Degrees place a big emphasis on looking after their employees. We have training, 121s, progression plans, a fruit bowl, a table tennis table, childcare things, a machine that makes excellent coffee and basically anything an employee could want from their company.”

Charlotte: “The management style. Jonny is very trusting of his staff and allows them the freedom and flexibility to shine. Also the way in which you are included in business decisions and how your opinions are valued.”

Jonny: “I get to set the god-damn rules (most of the time).”

What has your biggest achievement been during your time at 10 Degrees?

Matt: “Becoming knowledgeable and confident in my technical abilities”

Karl: “Learning some great new development skills and techniques.

Charlotte: “Creating a role for myself that I am able to excel in”

Jonny: “Growing the business from one person to the team we are today.”

Describe the culture at 10 Degrees in three words:

Matt: “Open. Capable. Ethical.”

Karl: “Professional, relaxed and awesome.”

Charlotte: “Relaxed, challenging, fun”

Jonny: “Can I have 4? Technically excellent, dependable, communicative and empathetic.”

What’s the best thing about working at 10 Degrees?

Matt: “It’s a great office environment and we get interesting stuff to work on. And it’s 10 minutes from home!”

Karl: “The team!”

Charlotte: “The team, they’re a good bunch of people. I also really like the freedom/flexibility of my job role.”

Jonny: “The friendly team we have around us.”

What’s the worst thing about working at 10 Degrees?!

Matt: “Karl’s accents”

Karl: “The chairs, please buy new chairs ” [Ed: They’re coming soon, promise!]

Charlotte: “This changes on a regular basis for me. Sometimes its the growing pains of a small agency, sometimes it’s the lack of cake.”

Jonny: “Not enough time to play table tennis.”

Anything else that someone thinking of joining 10 Degrees should know?

Matt: “Do it.”

Karl: “It’s a great place to work, come and find out for yourself!”

Charlotte: “You need to have a wide range of music tastes! We swing from Disney soundtracks to angry shouty metal. You must also like cake.”

Jonny: “Up your game with your tea & coffee making skills if you want to keep the team happy. And buy cake regularly.”

I think that’s a pretty good, honest view of life at 10 Degrees. Does that sound like the kind of company you’d like to work for? We’re always on the hunt for talented people to join our growing team, so if you think that could be you, check out our careers page.

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